Spring Grant Cycle  - Opens January 1st

The Ventures in Education Grant is available to students K-11 in the Hamilton School District. This program allows students to take advantage of enrichment activities off campus during the school year.

August 1st - September 30th:  Project 360 & Student Venture Grants (DC)

Students should come prepared to introduce themselves and share one thing they are excited about and hope to learn about on the trip.  They will each have maybe 30 seconds to a minute, so we’re not looking for anything too detailed. For example, they may be looking forward to one of the tours that is scheduled or one of the monuments they expect to see.

Click the link below for the Student Ventures Grant Application

FALL CYCLE - April 30th, 2024   

SPRING CYCLE  - Sept 30th, 2024 


“Students Taking Advantage of Renewal in Summer” (STARS) Grants are available for students in K-11 for off-campus enrichment programs for the summer time only, in academics and the arts for seminars, workshops, camps, pre-college programs/classes, career exploration conferences, and educational travels

Application window: (Spring Cycle) January 1st - April 30th

Click the link below for the Student STARS Grant Application

The Final Report is due by:  SPRING CYCLE  - Sept 30th, 2024 

Students are eligible for the STARS Grants every year if a different program is chosen. STARS Grants are not available for Hamilton credit-based or Summer Opportunities, summer school classes, summer daycare activities, tutoring, athletic camps, church or religious retreats/camps, youth organizations outside of the Hamilton School District, private lessons, or seminars or workshops not endorsed by teachers in the Hamilton School District.

Students who have received a STARS Grant in the past and have not completed the required final report will not be eligible to apply for another STARS Grant. This also applies to groups of students participating in a summer activity.


Please note that applications for student grants are only accepted from students who attend Hamilton School District public schools.