The Hamilton Education Foundation, in conjunction with the Wrezic Family, is proud to offer scholarships to graduating Hamilton High School Seniors.

Marjorie Wrezic, impressed with the quality of the education her grandchildren received in our district, established this scholarship in 2013 through the Hamilton Education Foundation to honor the memory of her husband, Ralph Wrezic.  To be eligible, students must plan to enroll in postsecondary education (two or four years) with a demonstrated financial need (Gross annual household income of $130,000 or less).  Students must have at least a 3.25 GPA, be a U.S. citizen, and demonstrate community service through extracurricular activities, work, religious or volunteer activities.  Scholarships will be given to students looking to attend a 4-YEAR college, have a career in the trades, or attend a 2-YEAR technical school. Up to 7 scholarships are awarded annually.

April 11, 2024 Deadline for Application to be Returned to Hamilton High School Student Services Department

April 29, 2024 Interviews will be held for semi-finalist applicants (if required)

May 3, 2024 Recipients Notified

A Message from Marjorie Wrezic:

I have chosen to establish the Hamilton Education Foundation Marjorie Wrezic Scholarship to assist deserving students at Hamilton High School to gain post-secondary education. I have had a long life full of more experiences than you can imagine and have learned the value of hard work and a good education.

The youngest of 6 children, (five of us which survived) I was born in 1927, just before the depression on a small farm in Arcadia, Wisconsin. There was no running water, no electricity, no insulation, and a dirt cellar under the kitchen with a trap door in the floor entrance. The only source of heat was from a pot-bellied wood stove in the kitchen. At that time, my brothers walked a good mile to the Reck Schoolhouse and back. There were eight grades in a single room, all taught by one teacher.

In 1931, with the poor economic factors, Father took a creamery truck route, and the family was moved off the farm into the old priest’s house at Glencoe Church. We kids were in charge of taking care of the cemetery there, and we were now only three blocks from the Cowie School. My brother Archie recalls how excited he was to go to school with 46 other children and his fond memories of the teacher there, Miss Mary Hunter, whom he thought was the best teacher in the land and who had a great deal of influence on his life. I also remember when my brother Mike was not allowed to attend school because he had no shoes. And, it was Miss Mary Hunter that bought him the shoes so he could come to class.

Then, in 1933, we moved to Milwaukee, where we opened a small grocery store. My Father would wake us at 3 o’clock in the morning to start the daily chores, like wrapping butter, butchering chickens, and preparing the store. All was to be accomplished before we were allowed to go to school. Here we attended St. Thomas Aquinas, a big step from the small schools of Arcadia.

At age 15, my Mother passed away after years of hard work. It was a difficult time. However, I continued my education at St. John’s Cathedral, where I met a teacher, Sister Mary Constantine. I remember her fondly to this day. She was a superior teacher, mentor, and a source of great guidance. And, oddly enough, the sister of Miss Mary Hunter, one of my brother’s favorite teachers from Arcadia. Although the children of our family had a rough start, all of us were able to provide well for our families. Two of my brothers became very successful businessmen. After school, I continued to work hard, raised three children of my own, and have had a very blessed life. It is my goal to give back some of the blessings I have received to help children who want to succeed and continue their education, but who might not otherwise be able to do so because of the high costs of college.

I must also thank my late husband, Ralph Wrezic, without whom this scholarship would not be possible. Ralph was the son of immigrant parents. He was an extremely intelligent man, who started his first trucking business at the age of 17. He, too, had a difficult start in life, having his Father seize his first business because he was underage. Ralph began again and, through his education and perseverance, started his second trucking company. He created the wealth that allows me to provide these scholarships today. He was the owner of J W Cartage Company and several other businesses.

I have chosen to establish the scholarship to assist you in pursuing your dreams. I urge you to use your skills and resources. Remember that no matter the difficulties in life, “Learn from your Mistakes” and always “Apply Yourself.”

Congratulations and Best Wishes for much success in the future.

- Marjorie Wrezic

The Adams Family would like to award one Hamilton Senior with a $500 scholarship in 2024. Scholarship recipient(s) will be recommended by teachers, guidance counselors, or coaches (No application for scholarship).

Eligible students will have 2.5 GPA and be pursuing a 2-year or 4-year program this fall.  Students pursuing early childhood education will be given preference.  Students must demonstrate perseverance through adversity, an exemplary work ethic and motivation to continue to grow and develop their skills. Preference will also be given to students who may not otherwise be recognized.  

In the early 1900s, Joseph and Francis Adams embarked on a humble journey, starting a small dairy farm with just one cow. They leased a 110-acre farm at the southeast corner of Silver Spring and Townline Road. As they raised their five children, they eventually purchased the farm. Francis, a local teacher, was a strong advocate for education. Three of their children built their homes adjacent to the farm where they raised their families. This area is known today as the Silver Spring Heights and Taylor Woods subdivisions.

Joseph and Francsis’s son, William Joseph Adams (AKA Bill Adams), was a famous air show pilot in the 1950s and 1960s. While not formally educated, he instilled in his son the importance of a good work ethic.  When Hamilton High School was opened, Bill was excited that students would have access to counselors to help guide them with their long-term educational goals. A mechanical error on a plane caused Bill's death at the age of 40.  He died doing what he loved, performing an air show. His son fondly remembers him with anecdotes such as bailing hay on the farm with him and his dad buzzing the school (flying upside down with smoke!). Bill Adams' memory will live on as he was inducted into THREE Halls of Fame:  The International Council of Air Shows Foundation, the Wisconsin Aviation, and the EAA’s International Aerobatic Club.  

Mike Adams, the second oldest of the five children, married Rosemary Blessington. Together, they built a quaint ranch house on the far eastern end of the family farm. Mike and Rosemary had eight children, all attending the Hamilton School District and graduating from Hamilton High School. 

The Adams family owned and operated the successful Sussex Nursery and Adams Landscaping Companies. Their children developed life skills by supporting the family business that benefited their careers/academic pursuits. A steadfast work ethic was the one of the most notable outcomes from this experience. They also learned the intricacies of business, customer relations, and the importance of maintaining family unity. In honor of their parents and the valuable life lessons they imparted, the children of Mike and Rosemary established a scholarship fund. 

This legacy aims to reward hardworking individuals who are carving their own paths in life and pursuing some post-high school training/college. The Adams family is offering this scholarship to individuals who display perseverance through adversity, hard work, and motivation that is recognized by their teachers/staff at Hamilton High School. 

The family wishes each recipient success!

Hamilton Education Foundation & Adams Family Scholarship have partnered with WCCF to provide opportunities for Scholarship funding and management.  

Please use the link below and search for the HEF Adams Family Scholarship to contribute to the Fund.