Grants for Students

Grant Application Process

Phase 1: Discuss your grant idea with your teacher or principal to gain Concept Approval.

(Phase 1 is not needed for STARS grants. Please proceed to Phase 2)

Phase 2: Upon Concept Approval, submit the Grant Application

Phase 3: Schedule a Presentation of the Concept with the Foundation Board of Trustees

(Presentation is not needed for the STARS Grant)
If funding is granted for the Student Ventures in Education Grant, a contract will be issued by the HEF Board of Trustees

Phase 4: Submit the Final Report at the Completion of your project (if approved)

How to copy & paste a link to your application narrative questions into your grant application (teachers or students)
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STARS Grant for Students

“Students Taking Advantage of Renewal in Summer” (STARS) Grants for students are available for students in K-11 for off-campus enrichment programs for the summer time only, approved by classroom teachers, in academics and the arts for seminars, workshops, camps, pre-college programs/classes, career exploration conferences and educational travels. Application window: January 1 - April 30.

STARS Grant Report Form

If you receive a STARS grant, one of the completion steps for the grant will be providing a report out early September.

Student Grant for Ventures in Education

Funds innovative, creative educational and/or enrichment projects, workshops, seminars, or programs of study that have been researched, developed and implemented by students under the supervision of a teacher/adviser for classes, organizations, special disciplines, or an individual in an educational experience taking place off campus during the school year.

Direct questions to

Grant Review Committee

Hamilton Education Foundation

P.O. Box 473

Sussex, WI 53089

Executive Director, Hamilton Education Foundation

Ann Ubert

Associated Bank

P.O. Box 149

Sussex, WI 53089

W: 262-820-6731 (work)

C: 262-442-8939 (evening)